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Solar Power - A better way to a brighter future

Our Solar Programs

Amped on Solar, LLC, is a New Jersey based solar energy company dedicated to serving the residents of New Jersey and only New Jersey. Because of our focus, we are able to spend all the time required to assist you in your decision to go solar after careful assessment of the best programs available in the state.

About us

OUR MISSION: To provide homeowners access to the benefits of going solar, through the use of highly flexible programs, offering the greatest opportunity for energy savings. In that effort, we will continue to use the highest quality, reliable products from the most bankable manufacturers in the industry.


We are not just contractors. We are solar professionals, experienced in all aspects of the decision to purchase or lease a solar energy system for your home. From first contact, your solar expectations become the primary goal of our team of trained and experienced designers, engineers, finance experts and installers.

The only way to true energy independence is solar ownership.... Amped On Solar makes owning easy!

Important News 

Solar Buyer Beware

An alarming number of solar companies have emerged suggesting that they are brokers working to safeguard your interests. They are not.


Most often these companies already have an arrangement with another solar contractor or are simply shell companies acting as a sales arm of a parent company. These companies will disappear as quickly as they appeared. Check who you are dealing with by searching for their HIC Registration with this link

Does a solar salesperson work for a real company?

Check to see if the company is actually registered with the State of NJ.

Is a solar company registered with the New Jersey Clean Energy Program?

Check to see if a contractor is actually registered with the state as a solar Trade Ally Partner even though they use the NJCEP logo on their site?

New Jersey Passes 2018 Renewable Energy and Efficiency Legislation

The new law expands on the State's commitment to renewable energy, but there would be a shift towards promoting investment in wind and nuclear.  It also eliminates eligibility for the SREC program for new installations sometime in the near future. With the eventual loss of access to the SREC program, along with the diminishing Federal Tax Credit in 2020, the time to look at solar is NOW!

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