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  • How much do I pay out of pocket?

  • If I have costs, how long before I make my money back?

  • What is my cash flow during and after any payback?

  • What does this look like as an investment

  • If I lease, how much do I save each month?

All solar programs use the available incentives for solar.  Your only choice is whether or not you want them to work for you or the finance company.  Before you make any decision familiarize yourself with those incentives.  Click the link below to learn more.


Many homeowners recognize the downside to a solar lease, but think they can't afford ownership.


At Amped On Solar we bring the financing to you.  Qualifying for one of our several programs is as simple as a phone call or answering a some questions on an online application.  Customers can get approved in as little as 30 seconds and usually no more than 24 hours.  AND, ALL PROGRAMS REQUIRE NO-MONEY DOWN!

Purchasing a System

Owning your solar energy system results in the greatest opportunity for savings, creates an asset to your property and offers the only path to true energy independence. Ownership will result in as much as 4-5 times the savings of a comparable lease.


The key to financing any solar project is to allow the homeowner to retain all the state and federal benefits.  Our numerous finance options will give you the opportunity to insure a no-money down solution with positive cash flow from year one.


Form and function achieved through the proper design of a system is only half the process. Equally important is the ability to justify the project financially. To that end, we create a financial model based on your system's specific efficiency, detailing your return on investment and the impact on your annual cash flow. Investing in solar is not only based on cost savings and revenue, it's about the potential for a return on investment that will carry forward for decades.

If your choice is complete ownership of your system, Amped On Solar can assist you in understanding the available financing options and how to best insure your investment with informed decisions.

Leasing a System

Do your homework and get more than one quote.  Carefully evaluating your choice of a solar lease is important. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE SOLAR.  A solar lease will trade your dependence on the utility company for a 20-25 year agreement with a third party, who doesn't bear any of the risk for  how much energy costs go up or down in the future.  Nor does it insure your monthly savings will not be erroded by future grid connection fees that could be imposed on solar installations by the utilities.


However, for those who cannot utilize the tax incentives themselves, certain solar leases can be a viable option.  Just beware of the fine print in their contracts and guarantees.  Know what you are, and are not getting, despite what some salesperson might promise you.  The devil is in the details.



Going solar is a very big decision.  When you lease a system or sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), the third party owner of the solar energy system will be responsible for its maintenance.  However, that is no guarantee that your system will perform exactly as promised nor is it always a guarantee that the system will always be 100% operational.  Remember, with these types of agreements, the devil is in the details.

Solar ownership comes with responsibilities.  However, at Amped On Solar, we strive to specify products from the solar industry's leading manufacturers, backed by the best warranties and monitored with the best technologies available.  We do what we can to insure the installation of a system that will last a lifetime.  And, if it doesn't, your products will be covered for 25 years by bankable manufacturers who will be around to service your equipment - even if we are not!

Our Finance Partners

We have a variety of finance programs desinged to be used alone or in combination to meet your financial goals.

  • 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 year loan terms

  • Low interest solar loans

  • No fee solar loans

  • No pre-payment penalty

  • Multiple loan re-amortization opportunities

  • Financing for other home improvements including a new roof

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