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For the past four years, most of the business we receive comes from referrals.  That says a lot about how our customers feel about their experience with us. If references are what you want, we have them. Just ask and we'll be happy to have you talk to any number of our customers.

The Beans Family Goes Solar

"Amped on Solar did an absolutely great job for my solar project. Anything that I did not understand, they explained it to me, and even helped to make it really easy to navigate the process. Luke was always available, constantly present when I had questions, and consistently able to guide me to the best result. When the physical installation of the panels happened, Mark was a pleasure to work with. The owner of the business, Kristan, made herself available as well, to address any concerns I had, and even went the extra mile to get my project over the finish line. When I started this project, I relied on a neighbor where Amped on Solar installed their solar system. This neighbor was way, way more knowledgeable than I was, and I trusted him. And I trusted Luke. And upon speaking with my other neighbors who installed solar panels from other companies on their houses, I am really glad that I did work with Amped. They have a great team that relies on customer referrals like the one I got, and the one I am giving. I now understand why their product is better, and what an excellent job they did for me. Best of all, I am MAKING MONEY!!!!! Going solar is a process, and for me a paying investment. Amped made the process easy and got me PAID!"


S Fattman, NJ

My solar panels were installed almost 10 years ago. I purchased to own them because there weren't any programs offered at that time. I had an issue with a few Enphase microinverters. I called the office and Luke called back the same day. He contacted the manufacturer and everything was resolved. I have contacted him about different things at times and he has always responded back. I am a contractor myself and don't normally refer companies. Luke and his company, Amped On Solar, I have found to be the most reputable and honest solar company out there. I would highly recommend them to anyone that ask me about getting solar. He goes above and beyond what any other solar contractor would do. Rich Carpenter, Mt. Holly, NJ


Richard Carpenter

Mount Holly, NJ

The Slaney Family Goes Solar

Residential Installations

"Something about the aggressive sales pitch we were getting from a big national solar leasing compant/vendor didn't feel right to us and we insisted on getting a quote from a direct installer before signing our contract. After speaking with Luke and hearing what Amped on Solar could do for us, with PSE&G's solar loan program (which mean our system payback would be about 3 years), I literally laughed out loud and said "Now I know why they didn't want us to talk to you." Don't be scammed. As a high quality regional installer, Amped on Solar provides high quality solar systems sized appropriately and expertly installed, excellent customer service, and assistance navigating the financing/solar loan process. We couldn't be happier and give them our full endorsement"


Kelly McDonald

Montclair, NJ

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE OUR SOLAR PANELS! We went solar four years ago...this is our fifth year, and wow have we saved money. I'm not going to lie, we were very skeptical at first. Usually when things sound too good to be true, they usually are. We knocked on doors and asked around. Everything we heard about Amped on Solar was positive, so we decided to take a chance and do it. We are so pleased we did. Our house is 100% oil, no gas line into the house...just electric. The house is 2,100 square feet with a built in pool. Our electric bills in the summer with the air conditioner and pool were usually between $300 and $400, and around the same in the winter with the heat pump. Ever since we went solar, we usually only pay an administrative fee of $1.71 in the summer months, and our winter bills are around $180 to $250. Can't say enough good things about the solar program and Amped on Solar specifically. Luke and Kristin were a pleasure to work with, honest and genuinely caring. Thank you Kristin and Luke!"

Christine Ventriello

Eastampton, NJ

"We had a wonderful experience with Amped on Solar from the beginning to end. Going solar can be an overwhelming commitment, however, our experience went smoothly and with ease. We had done extensive research on solar options and had met with various companies. But after meeting with Amped on Solar, Luke made us feel the most comfortable with deciding on the solar system. He spent extensive time explaining in detail what the process would entail and answered all our questions with great patience. After presenting the actual number it was a no brainer the loan program is very affordable. This was a better deal than compared to the other lease programs out there. The PSEG loan program also sold us on the idea and was an easy process. We highly recommend Amped on Solar for their customer services, knowledge, and affordability."


Mike Sha

Delanco, NJ

"Love, love, love my solar panels. I completed extensive research and discussed my project with a number of providers. I selected Amped on Solar and 18 months later, I'm still very pleased with my decision. These folks are expert in navigating the recommendation, design, selection and installation. Their service since my install has been impeccable. My solar production has exceeded their estimate and my payback on my investment will be far quicker than anticipated. VERY happy."


Suzanne Potts Dwyer

Lumberton, NJ

Commercial Installations

Happy Customers!

The only way to true energy independence is solar ownership.... Amped On Solar makes owning easy!

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